You love your girl, and you want to show her that you appreciate her by giving her an orgasm. You can show her that you are interested in how to pleasure a woman in 5 step. These tips are easy and effective and, above all, they will show you how to surprise them with your skills. If you’re frustrated with having sex all the time and not giving the woman the orgasm you deserve, you can do it tonight.

The fingers

You have eight fingers and two thumbs. Use it all! If you play with your vagina and clitoris with one hand, use the other to pull on her hair or to give her a more intense kiss.


If you are using it, use one side to insert your fingers to get additional stimulation while using another hand to massage your nipples or carry it back. The woman loves her when she controls. Show him what you can do with your own hands, and his climax will be much faster.


You have to prepare for her, not just a little bit better, but you get up crazy, and you have to die. This will not happen in five minutes; it may not happen in fifteen minutes. You need to get your super reinforced even before you look at the penetration.

This will give your gestures a much faster and harder movement than in your life. Spend time kissing, rubbing, whispering all the things you will do with your ears, and before, start better.

Power to finish

You have to last the whole journey. The best way to make sure you do not go early is to get enough rest and masturbate before you plan to have sex. If you keep going, it will not only kill the mood, but you will think that the sex is over and has stopped immediately.

Sex positions

Most men try many extraterrestrial attitudes with their girls because they think that is what they want or what they will like.

Tide Up

Instead, you should ask her what feels wonderful: if she moans or trembles and can not respond to you, do not change, stay at work where you work and get there. It only needs time.

Take your time

Some women need time to reach the boiling point and can last more than an hour to reach their peak. Be understanding and learn that sometimes women are not ready to reach orgasm in front of you. She needs to feel comfortable and supportive rather than pressured.